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Watch Moto GP Races Live Stream Online

Motorcycle Grand Prix or MotoGP is the top class of motorcycle racing and an event of "teeth" of motor racing.

MotoGP machine is divided into three classes, namely 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP (2007 season using 800cc).

The motorcycles used in MotoGP racing is a special motor and sold to the public. In Indonesia, MotoGP broadcast on Trans7 since 2002 until today.

MotoGP Racing History
Motorcycle racing world championship was first held by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in 1949.

The classes are contested race bike when it is 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, and 500cc for single-seater motorcycle 350cc and 500cc and sidecars for motorcycles (motor bersespan). In the 1950-1960's, the entire class was dominated by 4-stroke motorcycle engine. 2-stroke engine motorcycles began to master the small classes in the late 1960s.

Motor racing 4 is not completely eliminated by a 2-stroke engine motorcycles in the 1970s. A few years later, Honda seeks to restore the 4 stroke engine in the top class by lowering the motor NR500. This project failed, even Honda actually debuted with the motor racing 500cc 2 stroke hers who won in 1983.

In this class of motorcycle racing 350cc removed, while the 50cc class was replaced by the 80cc class in 1984, and finally 80cc class was also abolished in 1990. The world championship motorcycle racing leaving only 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc.

In 1970-2001, the GP 500 is restricted by the 4-cylinder with an engine capacity of 500cc, both types of engine 4 stroke and 2-stroke. Factory permitted enlarge the total capacity specifically for 4-stroke engine to a maximum of 990cc in 2002-2006. A year later, turned back to 800cc. At that time, the plant was also given the freedom to choose the number of cylinders used (three to six) with a certain weight limit. 500 GP class was renamed MotoGP after the permissibility of motor racing 4 is not big cc.

After 2003, there is no longer the motor racing engine 2 is not down in the MotoGP class. However, 125cc and 250cc in particular still use 2-stroke engine.

Specifications Racing MotoGP
FIM is an organization that has the right to make any rules about every race in the MotoGP class. In 2002, the beginning of a new era of MotoGP motorcycle racing, motorcycles with 2-stroke engine of 500 cc and 990 cc 4-stroke is still allowed to be used in the race.

The greatness of a 4 stroke bike was able to beat the bikes with 2-stroke engine so that all 2-stroke engines were knocked out of the competition.

As a result, the next season will no longer be used in 2-stroke racing motorcycle racing MotoGP. In 2007, FIM issued a new regulation, namely MotoGP racing motorcycles will be limited to 4-stroke 800 cc.

The rationale for creating the new regulations is to improve the security of the MotoGP since drastically power and top speed is generated MotoGP machines increased since 2002.

Currently, MotoGP speed record is 347,4km made by Loris Capirossi at Ducati at the Catalunya Circuit, Barcelona in 2004.

 To observers MotoGP, the decision to limit the engine to 800 cc Honda team is very beneficial for the five-cylinder Honda engine wear. Honda is only necessary to remove the cylinder to overhaul the engine to comply with the new regulations.

Meanwhile, the other manufacturers should reengineer all engines. The new regulation also could raise controversy that is now used in the racing bike 1000cc Superbike race is the fastest in motor racing circuits around the world.

For the class of MotoGP motorcycle racing, motor racing cylinder engines are allowed to wear three to six cylinders as well as the variation in the weight restrictions depending the number of cylinders used.

This is because an engine with more cylinders will produce more power and limit the severity increases. The machines are used in MotoGP in 2006 is a four-cylinder engine and five-cylinder (wearing five-cylinder Honda and Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki put on four cylinders).

The main challenge the MotoGP riders and engineers MotoGP motorcycle racing is a way to deliver exceptional engine power (179kW) through the point of contact of two tires and the asphalt surface with a wide circuit around a human arm. Meanwhile, the comparison with the F1 car is menghhasilkan more than 950 hp (700 kW), but with four tires. With a total of four tires, resulting point of contact with the asphalt surface is more than ten times the MotoGP motorcycle racing.

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